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Sofa Design Ideas – Choose Right Sofa For Your Living Room

Still, the sofa is the most essential element, If you’re designing the innards for your living area. A lounge is an element on which you spend utmost of your free time, whether relaxing or entertaining. Sofa, piecemeal from bringing poignant focal point in any living room, also provides comfort, warmth, and discussion area. also why not choose the stylish sofa for your home?

The design of lounge is an important investment as it’s one of the most constantly used cabinetwork element in your living room. Then are some essential points to consider before you design the lounge or lounge set.

Here we will discuss:

  1. Overall Layout
  2. Right size and framework
  3. Shape of sofa
  4. Styles of sofa
  5. Upholstery
  6. Materials
  7. Colours
  8. Future life, cost and budget, maintenance
  9. Sitting Experience

Sofa Design Tips

Hence here we are discussing some living room sofa design ideas, sofa design tips as per human behavior and usage.

1. Overall Layout:

First design the overall layout of the room, i.e. place all cabinetwork like lounge, coffee table, show, television set with reference to doors and windows in the room. First of all take the confines of your space where the settees are going to placed. Prepare the list of rudiments and start allowing about the introductory arrangement of the rudiments. By this arrangements of cabinetwork, decide that how important space is available for the lounge. minimal 30 elevation( 45 cm) needed in front of the lounge forwalking.However, fresh 12 to 18 elevation( 30 cm to 45 cm) is needed between the coffee table and lounge, If you use a coffee table.

2. Consider the Right Size & Frame of Sofa

Before you start designing settees, measure the space in your living room where the sofa will be placed. likewise, check the confines of the doors and stairways where the lounge will be passing through upon delivery.
Then are some introductory standard confines for sofa :

It’s important to elect the length, range and height of the sofa as per the size of your living area. Sofa varies in size, from 6 to 8 bases(1.8 m to2.4 m) long and 32 to 40 inch( 80 cm to 100 cm) deep for a standard size lounge. 4 to 6 bases long and 28 to 30 inch deep is good for loveseat. Standard height for lounge is 17 ″(42.5 cm), the factual depth of seating area is affected by the depth of the lounge’s arm and reverse of the lounge.

The lounge should be commensurate and should look neither too small nor too big in thespace.However, a long tuxedo lounge may work stylish for you, If you have a large living room. This overstuffed lounge is functional, flexible and exquisitely detailed and can work well with any interior design whether it’s traditional or ultramodern. If you have a small home also design lounge cum bed which you can use as a bed also.

Always invest in a good quality frame, it may be more precious but it’ll last long. Solid hardwood or marine bias is great for your frame. Avoid accoutrements like particleboard or softwood for your frame. Softwood like pine may bring you less but it’ll underpinning or wobble after a many times. Make sure that your frame is durable and sturdy to get the most use for your budget over time.

Flash back, the ill dimensional lounge will spoil your reverse and you may come victim of reverse pain over a period of time. So, choose the right anthropometric lounge.

3. Shape of Sofa that Suits Your Room:

The shape of your lounge depends on the spaces and how you arrange in the room. settees are available in nearly every shape but blockish and L- shaped settees are most popular. However, like the living room and dining area use a L- shaped lounge, If you want to divide your space. indirect lounge or Round shaped settees are more conductive for space which is meant for gathering purpose. You can use a fraction shape around your coffee table.

4. Sofa Style That Complements the Room:

There are different styles of the lounge available like Standard lounge, Sectional, Recliner, English rolled arm, Tuxedo, Chaise chesterfield, etc. Choose the style which naturally complements your living room and other rudiments of your room.
still, elect a lounge that represents clean lines with dramatic patterns and tinges, If you’re designing your room in a ultramodernstyle.However, a classical tuxedo lounge with traditional pattern fabric will work stylish, If your style is a bittraditional.However, a Lawson- style with various fabric will make a great volition, If your living room is a blend of colors and designs.

Choose the right combination of 1- seater, 2- seater, 3- seater,etc.

While deciding style, also choose right combination of 2/ 3- seater lounge with number of 1- seater settees i.e. lounge size for living room keeping in view your room size and layout.

5. Sofa Upholstery – Fabric v/s Leather:

Elect strong and durable upholstery for your lounge. No matter how lovely your upholstery designis.However, it’ll tear and stain snappily which won’t satisfy your need, If your fabric isn’t applicable. The upholstery should be comfortable to sit on.

Fabric that’s tightly woven and has advanced thread count will last long. Upholstery is available in synthetic, cotton, silk, linen and leather. Fabrics like cotton and linen are most comfortable and durable lounge fabric while synthetic is resistant to stain. Silk gives a sophisticated look.

Leather is easy to clean and firmer than fabric upholstery. Leather upholstery gives a high- end ultramodern look to your lounge. Leather is precious and you won’t get numerous color options. It doesn’t attract dust, pet dander, and easy to clean. therefore it’s further suitable for homes with faves . still it’ll also get veritably sticky in the summer and during sticky times.

If your lounge is close to a window also elect lounge upholstery with high UV resistance. So it’ll not fade in the presence of sun.

6. Materials:

Choose the right material for Frame, upholstery and foam. They will govern the life as well as its cost while wooden frame are costly as compared by frames, but they last long. There are many sofa material types including leather, linen, cotton, wool and many more. Choose the best material for sofa and for this you must choose the sofa material guide.

7. Choosing Right Colors:

Color is an important factor for lounge styling. noway be hysterical to choose commodity unique with various tinges and prints. It’ll transfigure the sense and entire look of your livingroom.However, you can use a light color lounge with textured and patterned pillows and throws, If you aren’t comfortable with bold colors and patterns.

When you elect colour, keep at the reverse of mind, the overall colour scheme of the room and house as a whole. The harmony of colour must flow hence living room lounge color combinations are also important.

Don’t go for trendy patterns as they will bore you too soon. Choose the plain color for your lounge style and introduce pattern and texture via pillows, throws, and other rudiments in your living room.

8. Future Life, Cost and Budget, Maintenance:

You’ll find a plethora of designs in our Stylish Home Designs section. But first decide your budget. There are always better effects, but can you go it? Also, look at the life and the conservation or cleaning problems. Your decision should be a balanced one, giving justice to all, in all fairness and possibilities.

9. Test Your Sitting Experience:

After making the lounge, sit on it and check whether it’s comfortable or not. Use high flexible froth for your lounge because it’s strong, durable, and holds the shape of the lounge in comparison to low- viscosity froth. For firmness and comfort use eight- way, hand- tied springs for fabrication.

By keeping above points in mind you can design an seductive and comfortable lounge for your home.

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